2 Company March Camp

2 Company March Camp

16 March 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On 3rd-5th March, junior and intermediate cadets gathered at the Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre to take part in essential Basic and 1 Star Army Cadet Syllabus subjects.

Before training kicked off, 2 Company’s Officer Commanding, Major Russ McAlinden, promoted Cadet Staff Sergeant Greaney to Cadet Sergeant Major. Cadet CSM Greaney, from Chesterton Detachment, is now the Cadet Company Sergeant Major for 2 Company. He was presented with his new pace stick with CSM Bland.

IMG 3164

Cadet CSM Greaney with CSM Bland

There was a wide range of syllabus training taking place across the whole weekend. Cadets took part is subjects such as Basic and 1* Navigation, Basic Skill at Arms (SAA), 1* SAA, Shooting and Adventurous Training.

Basic and 1* Navigation: the group started on Saturday morning with an introduction to navigation and map usage. The morning was broken down into different lessons which correlated to their workbooks. Workbooks were complete by lunch time, and the routes were prepped to walk in the afternoon.

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Navigation training.

The three groups navigation their way around Bottisham Lock using the skills they had learnt in the morning, including handrailing, orientating the map to ground, measuring distances and grid references.

Basic SAA: the cadets were introduced, for the first time, to the Scorpion Air Rifle. They worked their way through the rifle lessons and drills until they became competent and confident in the drills required to complete their Weapons Handling Test (WHT). On completion of their WHTs, the cadet got the opportunity to complete their basic shoot in the indoor range.

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Assessing a cadet's shooting with the air rifle.

1* SAA: The cadets began their training on the L98 A2 Cadet GP Rifle. The cadets were taught everything they need to know (Rifle lessons 1-9) including parts of, striping and assembling the rifle, and safety drills.

Several of the cadets managed to partake, and complete, their WHTs. This means they are now able to fire blank rounds during fieldcraft exercises and live rounds on the ranges.

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Skill at Arms training with the L98A2 rifle.

A handful of cadets also completed Basic and 1* Adventurous Training at the indoor climbing wall at Cambridge Regional College.

IMG 2883h

Climbing at CRC.

2* Navigation: 24 2* cadets trained separately over the weekend at the Huntingdon Detachment building. The first day was used to cover the theory elements that the navigators would need in order to complete their walk on the Sunday. These elements included, measuring distances, grid references and the completion of a route card. Before their walk on the Sunday, they covered 1* Expedition skills.

IMG 5524

Cadets preparing a tent at Huntingdon Detachment.

Additional subjects were covered including Basic and 1* CIS (signals), Basic Drill and Turnout, and command tasks.

Text by SI Emily White