120 years of volunteering

4 adults from D Company get their 3rd clasp for their Long Service Medal.

120 years of volunteering

20 July 2021

  • Leicestershire Northamptonshire And Rutland ACF

Any adult who stays with the Army Cadets for 12 years is awarded the Army Cadet Force Medal in appreciation for what they have done. For every 6 years the adult stays after that they receive a clasp to the medal. The amazing 4 who have received their 3rd clasp are: Company Sergeant Major Instructor Bithell, Sergeant Major Instructor Sullivan, Sergeant Major Instructor Rogers and Sergeant Major Instructor Bristow. It is rare for an area to have one adult that obtains the clasp but to have 4 in one area is extraordinary.

Commandant LNR Colonel Davanna stated "being close to my 36th year and an adult volunteer I understand how my 4 CFAV's feel after 30 years of service, it is no easy achievement to give so much of yourself to an organisation for such a long period as a volunteer. These 4 senior adults have assisted in changing the lives of so many young people over the years. It is hard to quantify in real number how many they have assisted in being better citizens or how many have done something in their life that they would never thought possible. Our adults continue to challenge the youth of today, helping them find themselves and push their own personal boundaries. I hope that I continue to work alongside these 4 Sergeant Majors for many years to come."

Major Maria Walding their Officer Commanding of D Company said; "Whilst I was a cadet I saw these adults as role models and saw them working with cadets like me in their various ACF roles. I am lucky enough no to be their OC and I now see them as friends. I am very proud to know them and can only hope to give 30 years of service like them."

Colonel Ian Sackree, who is Colonel Cadets ( East Midlands) for 7 Brigade added "I am beyond impressed and almost lost for words to learn that D Coy from LNR has not one but 3 senior adult volunteers who have qualified for their 3rd clasp on the Cadet Force Medal, recognising 30 years or individual service and a staggering 120 years collectively. The Army Cadet Force has 4 of the most selfless human beings who have simply kept on giving. I haves some understanding of what pride each must feel, as I too received my Cadet Force Medal this year for only a mere 12 years service but it takes pride of place with my own medals. I will surely not see the likes of 3 clasps, but can only raise a glass to toast this superb long and most loyal service to our communities. Thank you."

  • IMG 20210720 WA0002

    CSMI Jay Bithell

  • IMG 20210720 WA0000

    SMI Donna Sullivan

  • IMG 20210720 WA0003

    SMI Juliet Rogers

  • IMG 20210720 WA0001

    SMI Darren Bristow

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