100th Anniversary Amalgamation Parade

On Sunday the 23rd July, Lincolnshire cadets were invited to attend the parade, which took place at Cambrai Lines, Munster Barracks, Catterick Garrison.

100th Anniversary Amalgamation Parade

24 July 2023

  • Lincolnshire ACF

Torrential rain did not dampen spirits during the visit to Catterick Garrison. The parade, which was the postponed 100th Anniversary Parade to commemorate the amalgamations of the 17/21L and 16/5Ls. This was due to the passing of the late-Queen. Although parts of the regiment are on current deployment, cadets from Lincolnshire helped make up the numbers.

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Prior to the parade starting the Commanding officer, Lt Col WJR Richmond, the Regimental headquarters Adjutant Capt C Mackaness and the RHQ Regimental Sergeant Major R Mukungunugwa came to meet up with the cadets in the tanks sheds, where they were all sheltering from the rain. This gave all the cadets a great opportunity to discuss the regiment and the current role that it plays and the cadets were all really excited to get to speak to the senior members of the regiment.

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It was especially great to meet Trooper Yates again who is an ex cadet of 2 SQN Lincolnshire ACF, based at Sleaford Detachment as a cadet and was with us during our last visit to the Regiment which inspired him to join the Royal Lancers, getting to see him engaging and talking to the current cadets about his time in the Royal Lancers was just fantastic. Definitely one of the many success stories for Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force.

Following the parade, all the cadets were fed a roast pork dinner which left just enough time to get a look around the warriors on the parade square, before loading back onto the busses to dry out and have a sleep on the homeward journey.

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