1 Coy's Fieldcraft Weekend

by Captain Heather Bradbury

1 Coy's Fieldcraft Weekend

22 March 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On the weekend of 19th-20th March No 1 Company took 111 cadets and 32 adults on a full field weekend. The cadets arrived early Saturday morning, where their Cadre Commanders met them. The first lesson the basic and 1 star cadets were taught was cooking in the field, so they could learn how to cook properly and have their first real taste of a ration pack.

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A cadet waits to engage 'the enemy.' Pic: SSI Ray

Once the cadets actively started their training, they were taught how to basher up (put up their tent) correctly and the beginnings of camp life out in the field.

The 2 star cadets went off to find their harbour area and settled into lessons and camp life well.

The basic and 1 star cadets did find basha building rather challenging at times due to the wind, but they all managed to put their bashas up successfully.

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Instructors at a briefing. Pic: Capt Bradbury

As dusk fell, the evening entertainment started. The 2 star cadets were to ambush a small group of people (adults) who had vital intelligence on their persons which would help them with their Section attack on Sunday morning. Whilst this was going ahead, the basic cadets watched what was going on and the one star cadets were taught ‘introduction to night movement’ and ‘selecting a route at night.’

Once all the cadets had finished everything, they brewed up and settled in for the night. Thankfully the wind had died down, and they all managed to get a good night's sleep.

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1 star cadets firing on 'the enemy'. Pic: SI Smart

Dawn broke and the cadets were already up and showing what they had learnt throughout Saturday’s training. Breakfast sorted, it was time to move out and the 1 star cadets had the task of protecting a VIP (adult instructor) against an attacking force (2 star cadets).

Sadly the 2 stars found out that the fire power was too strong and had to tactically withdraw from their fighting position. With the use of smoke, they managed to get away safely.

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Cadets practice sentry duty. Pic: Capt Bradbury

All of the cadets had a fantastic time and luckily the weather was perfect for training.

OC 1 Company Area Commander Major Stewart said "it is fantastic that we can have cadets back in the field after such a long time. They have learnt a lot of skills going forward and the best thing to see is happy smiling cadets."

Text by Captain Heather Bradbury