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Lord Mayor's Show 2021 (LMS 21)- Saturday 13th November

Competition Time for Budding Designers!

Lord Mayor's Show 2021 (LMS 21)- Saturday 13th November

30 September 2021 - 1 November 2021

City of London

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF

Alongside our colleagues from North East Sector, we will be leading the main ACF contingent for LMS 21. The main feature of our parade will be an open top bus. This will be fully customised with ACF branding and will feature a design by our very own Cadets!! One talented Cadet from each Sector will see their winning design on the side of the ACF bus in the parade.

The winning Cadet will:

 Have the opportunity to attend the parade.

 See their design featured in the parade cheered on by an enormous crowd and watched live on the BBC by millions.

 Receive a framed photo of the bus featuring their design.

 Have their work displayed at Frimley Park and consigned to the official ACF Archive.

This is an incredible opportunity, so DCs, please alert your young designers and stand by! Full details on the competition and how to bid for a place in the parade to follow soon via the Chain of Command (CoC).