Lsgt Smith 78

Cadet Lance Sergeant Maleeka Smith

My name is Maleeka and I am a Lance Sergeant at 78 Cadet Detachment, Grenadier Guards.

Cadet Lance Sergeant Maleeka Smith

21 February 2021

  • Cadet

Since joining the Army Cadets I’ve been to camps and on courses, which have all helped me develop skills such as communication, leadership and social skills. I’m also now a qualified First Aider.

Some activities help me with my independence and self-discipline, others are as part of a group, showing me what it’s like to work as a team.

My favourite thing about being a Cadet, is that I’ve met other people from my area who I may not have done, had I not joined. And now I have a great group of friends here.

My favourite activity is fieldcraft, where we get to stay outside for a few days and experience what soldiers in the Army go through. It’s always a great time, doing lots of outdoor activities and learning many different things, such as how to do hand signals and how to move around at different times during the day.

The Army Cadets is a large organisation and I have had the privilege of meeting lots of people from all areas and walks of life. If I hadn’t joined the Army Cadets, I think I’d have just wasted a lot of time being unproductive.

If someone was thinking about joining the Army Cadets I would tell them that by joining cadets they could create a new network of friends whilst having fun, doing great activities and gaining qualifications. You also have the opportunity to go on international trips. I’ve been to Italy on an exchange visit and to Belgium to visit the Ypres. All much better than just watching TV.

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