Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Annual General Meeting 21 November 2015

Proposer: Board of Trustees

Background: The last eighty years have seen a series of dramatic advancements in charity and company law as well as fundamental changes in civil society and defence. ACFA’s new Memorandum and Articles are better structured; remove obsolete requirements (such as representation by the Chairman of the County Cadet Committees of the 1950s); and better reflect the modern structure of both the charity and the ACF such as the introduction of girls to the ACF in the 1980s. Please rest assured that the changes to the objects remain in line with the original purpose for which ACFA was established. The objects appear on page two of the new Articvles of Association

Proposal: To accept as a whole the new version of the ACFA constitution and tweak our objects to specifically include all those involved in the ACF (rather than just boys) as named beneficiaries.

View the new version of the ACFA's Memorandum and Articles. Hard copies will be available at the AGM.