97.9% of cadets said the ACF had been important in giving them experience of teamwork

The Army Cadet Force follows a structured syllabus of exciting and challenging adventurous and educational activities. Cadets and adults alike learn teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, respect and organisational skills – all qualities that any employer would wish to see in his or her employees.

Our cadets are often quite unlike your average teenager. They tend to be more confident, reliable, independent, considerate and purposeful.

A recent survey of cadets and adult volunteers found the following:

Cadet survey findings

97.9% of cadets said being in cadets had been important in giving them experience of teamwork

96.7% said it had been important in giving them experience of leadership

68% think it will help them get a job

91% agree that cadets has taught them to respect others

89.5% say it has given them a sense of community

94.7% know they have the personal power to make things happen in their lives

Adult volunteer survey results

98.8% say volunteering in the cadets has improved their ability to help others

87.5% say it has helped them develop leadership skills

86.7% say it has helped them develop interpersonal skills

86% say it has helped them develop organisational skills

97.9% agree that it had improved their self-confidence

97.4% say it has increased their team spirit

83.6% feel it has given them better job prospects due to the training and experience gained

55% of adult volunteers’ employers make no special allowances to assist them with their volunteering activities

Simply by engaging fully in their cadet activities, they also have the opportunity to gain a wide range of respected vocational qualifications, from the BTEC First Diploma in Public Services (equivalent to four GCSEs, grade A*-C) for cadets aged 16 or over, right up the City & Guilds Membership in Strategic Youth Management for the most experienced adult volunteers, which is equivalent to a Master’s Degree. Both our cadets and our volunteer adult leaders appreciate being able to demonstrate to employers and potential employers the true value of their hobby.