Bands and Corps of Drums

ACFA organises and supports music training for large numbers of cadets and some adults. The qualifications that are obtained are recognised nationally and link to the Vocational Qualifications also obtained through the charity.

Cadet Bands and Corps of Drums have performed all over the UK and Malta including a very successful display in the Tate Modern. They have also played a major part in the recent World War 1 commemorations. National Music Concentrations take place at Longmoor, Hampshire and in Altcar Merseyside along with regional training weekends.

Contemporary music is now part of the training offered concluding with a major talent show at the end of each camp. With more Cadets joining than ever before the future of Cadet Force Music continues to look bright.

If you are interested in supporting cadet activities such as Cadet Force Music you might consider a regular donation to ACFA.