The role of the Army Cadet Force Association

The Army Cadet Force Association (ACFA) is a registered charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (305962) and in Scotland (SC039057).

If you are interested in supporting cadet activities you might consider a regular donation to ACFA.



As the Champion of the ACF, the ACFA is to do all in its power to promote and represent the ACF in order to ensure its continued wellbeing for the benefit of present and future cadets, and their adult volunteers. This will entail:

Promoting the ACF, its ideals and the benefit of the Army Cadet experience internally to the Army, Defence and more widely to civil society, in order to ensure that the ACF continues to flourish.

Fostering the rounded development of the ACF's volunteer cadets, especially by the provision of a programme of well organised, non-military themed activities and opportunities which complement the APC, in accordance with the ACF Charter.

Advancing the interests of the ACF's adult volunteers, all of whom are members of ACFA through their ACF service.