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2nd (Northern Ireland) Battalion Army Cadets

Welcome to 2nd (NI) Battalion Army Cadet Force, led by committed and well trained Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

2nd (Northern Ireland) Battalion ACF comprises of 4 Companies:

» E Company consists of 8 detachments which cover the County and City of Armagh and South Down.

» F Company consists of 9 detachments which cover South Belfast and the Southern area of County Down.

» G Company has 10 detachments which cover the area of North Down from Holywood to the Newtownards Peninsula.

» H Company has 9 detachments each covering the Eastern and Southern area of Belfast.

Within the ACF there's an endless list of opportunities, but the question is.... Can you afford to miss out on what we have to offer you? Why not come along to a detachment near you to see what you’re missing!

Second Battalion, Second To None 🍀

Join Us

We aim to inspire young people aged between 12 (and in Year 9 at school) and 18 years of age to achieve and develop the qualities of a good citizen - whilst having lots of FUN! The training we deliver helps foster self-confidence, teamwork and a sense of belonging to the ACF family and the local community.

We are recruiting for new Army Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to join us. Why not search to find a detachment near you and click to 'join us'.

"The ACF has developed my confidence, which I never thought was possible" - Cdt Sgt Adam Johnston, Holywood Detachment

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About Us

2nd (NI) Bn Army Cadet Force is part of a national youth organisation aimed at inspiring young people to achieve both physically and mentally whilst developing self-confidence, teamwork and leadership.

We are the largest Battalion in Northern Ireland, with approximately 900 cadets on strength along with over 180 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. In total we have 36 detachments each covering the Battalion catchment area.

When it comes to fun, friendship, action and adventure, it’s hard to find anything that beats the Army Cadets.


What We Do

As part of the Army Cadet Force training syllabus, cadets will take part in many activities including Drill, Shooting, Fieldcraft, Skill at Arms, Navigation, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Adventure Training and First Aid. Cadets can opt to be a Musician in our pipe band or gain recognised qualifications through BTEC, St John’s Ambulance, British Red Cross and CVQO.

There is also the opportunity to train and compete in many sporting activities such as football, rugby, swimming and orienteering at local and national level.

In the ACF you will build skills for life.

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Battalion News

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For more information about our organisation or to join us, please visit us on social media or get in touch today.