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CTC Frimley Park Welcomes Woking FC Academy

Woking FC Academy Players recently visited CTC Frimley Park for a series of teamwork, communication and bonding exercises.

CTC Frimley Park Welcomes Woking FC Academy

15 February 2022

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  • Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park

Last week (7 and 8 February), the National Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park flung open its doors and welcomed local Football team Woking FC, for two days of team building exercises and fun. Organised with the idea of building lasting relationships between the two organisations and raising the profile of CTC in the community, the days were planned with military style precision to ensure the players received the full Cadet experience.

As well as key teambuilding exercises, essential for footballers on the pitch, the 16 to 19-year-olds from the Woking Academy got to try out Laser tag, involving a series of attack versus defence operations, which included manoeuvring in pairs, providing covering fire and tactical positioning. Not surprisingly, an inflatable “sticky” dart board which involved participants kicking the Velcro ball at, was a highlight.

Reflecting on the two days activities, WO2 Eddie Murray, Training Sergeant Major at CTC Frimley Park agreed the football players had particularly benefited from the Army Cadets’ focus on teamwork.

When carrying out command tasks they had to start working with each other’s strengths. A player, for instance, might be robust physically but he may not be a problem solver; their team mate on the other hand might be good at logic. During the task they had to let their teammate come to the fore to solve the problem. Going forward that player now understands that my teammate possesses a strength that I don’t have.

WO2 Eddie Murray, Training Sergeant Major at CTC Frimley Park

Woking FC Academy manager Scott Harrison said, "It was great to witness the different traits and characteristics that these activities brought out in our lads – things that might not be apparent in training and games.

"We need better communication and more leaders on the pitch, and we noticed a couple of lads who were able to demonstrate these qualities during the tasks. We can now build their confidence by saying: You did really well at that task, so now you’ve got to take those skills out onto the pitch."

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It was hardly surprising that all the footballers particularly enjoyed the laser tag.

Scott added, "It’s a defence and attack kind of situation and that’s what we do in football training – you have to defend or attack the goal,’ said Scott. ‘It would be fantastic to do more of this kind of teamwork at the start of the season and it’s great that these activities were led by professional Army Cadet course leaders with a trained background."

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