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1st Northern Ireland Battalion Army Cadets

Welcome to the website of the 1st (Northern Ireland) Battalion Army Cadet Force, we have around 700 cadets in 32 Detachments from many of our communities and led by 175 well trained and enthusiastic adult staff - PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR DETACHMENTS WILL RE-OPEN FROM 1st SEPTEMBER

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Our Locations

Our Battalion consists of 4 Cadet Company's usually consisting of 8 Detachments, with a Company Headquarters which is manned by a Cadet Administrative Assistant (CAA) employed by Reserve Forces and Cadets Association NI.

A Company

A Company is located in County Tyrone and County Fermanagh, with their Headquarters in St Lucia Cadet Centre Omagh.

With 7 Detachments (See Location Map)

Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
Omagh Schools (*Closed until further notice)

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B Company

B Company is located in the City and County Londonderry, with their Headquarters in Caw Army Reserve Centre Londonderry

With 8 Detachments (See Location Map)
Lisneal College
Coleraine College (Closed, awaiting relocation)

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C Company

C Company is located in County Antrim with their Headquarters in Ballymena Army Reserve Centre,

With 8 Detachments (See Location Map)

Band, Drums and Pipes (Antrim)
Cambridge House Grammar School

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D Company

D Company is located in County Antrim and North Belfast area, with their Headquarters in Abbotscroft Army Reserve Centre,

With 8 Detachments (See Location Map)

Carrickfergus Grammar School
Model Schools
Carnmoney (*Closed until further notice)

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Something Special

Be Part of Something Special: as 1st (Northern Ireland) Battalion ACF continues to be one of the most successful Army Cadet Force units in the UK.

We are looking for Young People from the age of 12 and in Year 9 to join us for adventure, fun, friendships, and skills for life.

No matter where you live, what school you go to you will find true "Adventure, Fun and Friendship" with us.

All equipment and clothing is provided free of charge on a temporary loan - the only item of kit we ask the cadets to provide is a pair of boots.

Click on the link to see how much fun you could be having!!!;

Tripoli Cup 15 PRO 65

Join Today Don't Delay

The Army Cadets provides volunteering opportunities as instructors, mentors and helpers for our 39,000 cadets

We are also seeking Adult Instructors from the age of 18 to join our team to help develop our local Young People, as well as learning skills and gaining additional qualifications for yourself!

If you are up for a challenge, you'll go further with the Army Cadets

For an amazing challenge, follow the link:

IMG 8252

We have made so many strong friendships that we still keep in contact today.

We done many challenging things and this has made us stronger!!

A big thanks to all the adult staff who done so much for us

Ex Cadet
LSN DHE Sept 21 2

"Our adults are great have helped us all so much, to get out and enjoy our community "

Cadet D Company



Female Cadets


Male Cadets


Adult(CFAV) Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

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I have been in the cadets for over 3 years now and it has been the best thing I have ever done. I have made so many friends, done wonderful challenging, fun things and I love going target shooting which has really built up my confidence.

Cadet Cpl Amelia Sinclair Limavady Detachment
B Coy Shoot Nov 2021a 84

Band, Drums and Pipes

Music in 1st (NI) Battalion ACF is available in many forms to adults and cadets no matter what their ability as all training is given.

Instruments are available with free tuition and we cover all forms of musical make up, Wind Band, Brass, Drums, Bugle, Flute, Bagpipes and many more.

Go along to your nearest Detachment and register as a musician and you will be directed to our Band, Drums and Pipes.

The Band Detachment is located in Antrim, but they train on weekends either at Antrim or at our Cadet Training Centre.

Twice each year there is a Music Camp for National Music where training is intense over a week and this enables everyone to improve their own ability and be able to perform to the same standard as the rest of Britain. The camps also include skill at arms, drill and turnout and several non-military activities such as swimming and many more.

BTEC can be offered to cadets over sixteen years old or above, as well as a skill for your Duke of Edinburgh award, and for good measure you can achieve grades, APC Star Passes and maybe a trip abroad. Why not give it a try, you may never know what you could have achieved.

Come and have a go!!!! Follow the link


I am so delighted to receive my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and I have signed up for my Silver Award, we can even use some of our cadet stuff for it!!!

Cadet Katie Dixson Coleraine Detachment
Katie Dickson Coleraine

Cadet Training Centre

The Battalion has a dedicated Cadet Training Centre (CTC) at Magilligan nr. Limavady Co. Londonderry, this is where most of our weekend training is carried out.

The centre has excellent training facilities which features classrooms all fitted with internet access, and overnight dormitory accommodation for over 175 cadets and adults, along with a kitchen cadet and adult dining room and a joint Adult Mess.

Our outdoor training takes part on the vast Military Training Area which is also used by the regular and reserve forces as well as cadets.

When at the CTC the training includes drill, fieldcraft, skill at arms, shooting, first aid, leadership training and signals to name a few. Expeditions are also launched from the centre and some adventurous training activities such as mountain biking with canoeing in the local River Roe. The CTC is used most weekends of the year.

F12 MALE CADET ACCOM 10 BED 1000 670 80

Weekends Away Fri-Sun

As well as our weekly Detachment Training Nights, you can take part in regular weekend camps held at our Cadet Training Centre in Magilligan Co. Londonderry. (Cost £12.00) This includes travel by coach to and from the CTC and a fully cooked breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday mornings followed by lunch on both days and an excellent meal on the Saturday evening.

And if that isn't enough, you could find yourself competing in Military Skills Competitions, different regional and national competitions such as First Aid, Sport, Signals, you could even learn to play a musical instrument with our band or learn how to become a Cadet PR Rep for your company at one of the many training weekends.

The question is....
Can anyone really afford to miss out on all these opportunities that we have to offer you?

Click on the link to see how much fun you could be having this weekend!!!


A Camp for Junior Cadets

During the Easter School Holidays the battalion take part in a 5 day residential camp at the CTC for our new cadets

Easter Camp (for our junior cadets) in Magilligan NI (Cost £45 approx.) includes an evening out at the Bowling Alley and Cinema in Coleraine

Fieldcraft EC19 25

Battalion Summer Camp

The Battalion Summer Camp is the highlight of the training year. The battalion would deploy with over 300 cadets and 120 CFAV to an army camp either in England, Scotland or Wales for 10 days. During this camp, which is for cadets who have reached the age of 13 years and over, they will practice all the skills they have been taught either at their detachment or at the training weekends.

Summer Camp (Cost £95 approx.) This includes all your travel by coach and ferry to Scotland, all your food (3 meals a day) and accommodation in an army style barracks.

The cadets get free time which is usually a half day shopping at the local town as well as a day out at a seaside town or a Theme Park

London Visit 76

Cadet Training Centre, Magilligan




    Front Entrance


    Inside Front Entrance


    Osborne Hall (Recreation Room)


    Large Classroom


    Small Classroom

  • G14 OFFICE

    Training Office


    Cadet Dining Room

  • CTC March 21 18




  • F12 MALE CADET ACCOM 10 BED 1000 670 80

    Cadet Bed Room 10 Beds


    Female 10 Beds


    Male Cadet Ablutions

  • CTC March 21 19

    Adult Mess

  • CTC March 21 20

    Adult Mess

  • CTC March 21 8

    Rear Outside adult Mess

  • CTC March 21 15

    Female Ablutions

  • CTC March 21 13

    Female Ablutions


    Indoor Range

  • CTC March 21 1

    Front Stairs

  • CTC March 21 2
  • CTC March 21 16

    Front Hall Cadet entrance

  • CTC March 21 21

    Male Off Room

  • CTC March 21 9

    Female Adult Room

  • CTC March 21 3

    Back Stairs

  • CTC March 21 4
  • CTC March 21 5
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Photos of the 1st (NI) Battalion

  • 1 NI ACF 9


  • IMG 0017

    Air Waves Portrush

  • Cullybackey

    Cullybackey Detachment presented certificates by…

  • St patricks parade 23 19

    Cadet Paintballing

  • St Patrickd Parade 23 65


  • St Patrickd Parade 23 34


  • Signals EC19 34

    CIS Course

  • Signals EC19 47

    CIS Course

  • IMG 8041

    RLC Day

  • IMG 8047

    RLC Day

  • IMG 8067

    RLC Day

  • IMG 8048

    RLC Day

  • IMG 8068

    RLC Day

  • IMG 20200307 092316

    RLC Day

  • IMG 20200307 092408

    RLC Day

  • Tripoli Cup 15 PRO 65


  • Castle Archdale 14 29


  • Castle Archdale 14 13


  • RS 1


  • St Patrickd Parade 23 49

    St Patrick's Day 23

  • FOR 1

    Friends of Rossmar

  • WS1
  • WS 5
  • WS 4
  • WS 3
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Contact Us

CEO (1)
35 Manse Road


Please Note: The number or email address at our Battalion Headquarters is not manned outside normal working hours.

If you need to contact your son/daughter/ward whilst they are away at our Cadet Training Centre at Magilligan over a weekend or camp.

Please ring the Reception at the Cadet Training Centre on 028 7772 0092

Pictures of our Battalion

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