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The Initial Officer Training programme (IOT)

Following your successful selection for commission at the Army Cadet Commissions Board (ACCB) you will join the Army Cadets Initial Officer Training Programme (IOT).

The IOT is a mandatory course and will provide you with a strong foundation in leadership on which to build your Army Cadet Officer career.

The IOT is dived into two modules, you will begin with the Developmental Module (DM) where the focus is on key leadership models and their application to your role in the ACF. Once you have completed the DM you move to the Confirmatory Module where the centre of attention is on the application of leadership, allowing you to test and adjust your own skills in an inclusive and supportive environment.

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At the heart of the course is our belief that ‘Leaders achieve things far beyond what they could alone, by engaging others intellectually and emotionally in pursuit of a clear and compelling purpose’

Col Neil Jurd OBE (ACF) – Director Initial Officer Training

The programme is delivered using pioneering experiential learning techniques, enabling you to fully engage with understanding yourself as a leader, as well as developing a deeper understanding of those you lead.

The IOT utilises elements of live virtual and residential training alongside 1:1 coaching. You will complete your IOT with a weekend at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, home of the Army Officer and widely regarded as one of the best leadership training establishments in the world. The IOT faculty is made up of highly experienced and passionate Army cadet officers and civilians, in conjunction with some of the UK’s best leadership experts and facilitators.

The IOT also gives you the option to complete your ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management through CVQO. The Award is a qualification recognised internationally and it is highly beneficial to both your Army Cadet and civilian career.