10 Social Hobbies to Meet New People

10 Social Hobbies to Meet New People

30 November 2018

You’ve become settled, you’ve lived in the same area for years and realise you haven’t been able to meet people for a long time. Or perhaps you’ve just moved to a new place, your career is flourishing, or you relocated for a promotion. Either way, something is missing – your social life.

You may be wondering how to make new friends - it can be hard to take the plunge and put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Bars and clubs aren’t your scene, so how else are you supposed to meet people? Thankfully nowadays there are countless activities that encourage social interaction and they are full of people in the same position.

Here are 10 great examples of how to meet new people and make friends by picking up a hobby:

  1. Dancing

    Joining a dance club is not only a fun way to spend an evening; it improves several things. Whether it’s salsa, swing or ballroom, dancing builds confidence, increases fitness levels and is a good way to meet new people. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t any good, as you can partner with someone of the same ability and build a bond with those who enjoy it as much as you do.

  2. Running Clubs

    One of the most popular hobbies to do to meet new people is going to a running club. It’s also a way of improving your fitness, as well as your social life. Many gyms provide this activity but there are lots of independent running clubs set up in most communities. Discover new routes and get fit whilst meeting new people!

  3. Book Clubs

    Reading is a popular pastime for many, but it’s usually something you do by yourself on your commute or privately in the evenings. Book clubs are a great way to find and discuss new material in a comfortable environment with other like-minded readers.

  4. Choir or Music Club

    Joining a choir or a music club can be extremely fulfilling, plus it doesn’t matter if you’re not a great musician. Any ability can join, and most clubs usually take part in a big performance every few months, so you can encourage family and friends to come watch you! Choirs and music clubs are a great way to meet others in a fun and relaxed setting.

  5. Team Sports

    There aren’t many people who will tell you that participating in a form of team sports is a bad idea. You can create bonds with your team-mates, whether it’s netball, football or ice-hockey. Team sports usually lead to other social gatherings too, such as award ceremonies and presentations or just casual drinks.

  6. Amateur Theatre

    If you wish to escape reality for a little while, then amateur theatre clubs are the perfect getaway. Improve your confidence while doing something you love, meet people from all walks of life and get involved in something different.

  7. Volunteering

    Give back to the community and make good use of your spare time volunteering somewhere that interests you. It can lead to many friendships and relationships, and you can control how involved you get with the cause. Becoming an adult volunteer at the Army Cadet Force is the perfect example of how you can help people and improve your social circle. It is full of similar adult volunteers who want to develop, have fun and help cadets. Find out more about the benefits of volunteering and how you can apply.

  8. Group Hiking Tours

    If you love to hike and discover beautiful outdoor scenery, join a group walking tour club. Routes can range from your local county to international trips, and you’re bound to have a blast with your fellow hikers. You could always try one of our best walks in the UK. See the stunning selfies our cadets have taken during various adventures across the UK.

  9. Cooking Classes

    Whether you want to have more practice cooking Asian, Italian or Mexican food, a cooking class is a great way to broaden your culinary skills. As well as meeting people on the course, cooking can encourage you to host dinner parties and show off your new skills to your friends and family.

  10. Dog Walk Meetups

    This is great for those with canine friends. Many communities have organised dog-walk meetups where you and your pup can meet and mix with others. These meetups have led to marriages, as well as mate-dates so it’s worth a try! Don’t have a dog? Head to a dog or cat café and bond with others over your love for animals.

There are plenty of ways to meet new people and if you’re unsure, just try things out! You’ll never know if you never try. You could always join a board game group and play one of the best board games of all time! If you’re interested in joining our group of adult volunteers at the ACF, find your nearest detachment and get in touch for more information.