Local Councillors support Newmarket Detachment

Local Councillors support Newmarket Detachment

30 July 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cambs ACF is thriving, and many of our detachments find themselves in need of additional equipment and are setting out to raise funds. Newmarket Detachment is one of the largest in the County, and this July has received substantial assistance from their local council in order to meet their new equipment needs.

Cllr Nobbsinspects Armytent

Cllr Nobbs inspects a basha.

Networking with local organisations often plays a key role in running a detachment. Newmarket's Second in Command, Sergeant Instructor Karen Pavitt, initially asked local Royal British Legion (RBL) chairman Paul Greenwood for a small amount of money to purchase first aid training equipment. This ultimately led to more substantial support from RBL treasurer and local Councillor, Robert Nobbs, and fellow Councillor Rachel Hood, who allocated them £2600 from their council locality budget. SI Pavitt said; ‘I was overwhelmed by the amount of money given. It will really help the detachment grow, and improve our fieldcraft and first aid training.’

Cllr Nobbs Cdt Miles Defibrillator

Being shown a defibrillator by Cdt CSgt Miles.

The funds have been used to purchase notebooks and holders, bashas (tents) and pegs, bungies, pens and rucksacks, as well as a ‘family’ set of resuscitation manikins, a choke vest and a defibrillator for first aid training.

Cllr Nobbs Cdt O Brienwith1st Aidequipment

Being shown resuscitation manikins by CSgt O'Brien

On 18th July, Councillor Nobbs visited Newmarket Detachment to meet some of the cadets and see the equipment that had been purchased. Cadet Colour Sergeants Dominic O’Brien and Lucy Miles demonstrated the fieldcraft equipment by putting up a basha, and also demonstrated the first aid equipment including the use of the choke vest and defibrillator. Cdt CSgt Miles said; ‘From all of all us at Newmarket, we are very grateful for the new equipment. It allows us to rely on our own resources instead of borrowing from others.’

Cadetsat Newmarket Detachment

Parade at Newmarket.

Councillor Nobbs said: ‘I have enjoyed having a show around today, and its great to be able to help local cadets. The Army Cadet Force gives youngsters skills, and a good knowledge base, regardless of what career they follow.'

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart