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Army Cadets Scotland Beating Retreat at Edinburgh Castle

The massed Bands, Bugles, Pipes and Drums of the Army Cadets took part in the Beating Retreat, on the 29th of April 2023 at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

Army Cadets Scotland Beating Retreat at Edinburgh Castle

1 May 2023

  • Black Watch Battalion ACF

For the first time in 4 years, cadets from across the UK came together to perform at Edinburgh Castle for the ACCT Scotland Beating Retreat. Over 130 Army Cadet musicians from Army Cadets Scotland, Durham ACF, Gwent & Powys ACF, Cambell College CCF and guests from the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) came together to perform for a large audience of senior officers, members of the cadet organisations and members of the public.

The performance included a massed bands display, featuring a light infantry bugling spectacle, a massed Pipes & Drums display before culminating together to perform together as one.

Key cadets which excelled in their performance were Cadet Bandmaster Tom Lord, Black Watch ACF, who led the massed bands. Drum Major Kayleigh Young, National Senior Drum Major, who led the Pipes & Drums. Cadet Pipe Major Rowan Laws, the National Cadet Pipe Major, which played the solo part in Amazing Grace. (Both Black Watch ACF)

The Army Cadet Beating Retreat at Edinburgh Castle was truly an outstanding event that made all of us that are associated with the Cadets very proud. Well done to everyone involved with delivering and performing in this event.

Col Ashley Fulford - National Colonel Cadets
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