Winners of 2017 Recognising Excellence Awards

Back row left to right: Ryan McCormick; John Harmes; William Jones; Robert Morris

Front Row left to right: Jodie Standen; Orla Walker; General Andrew Graham; Sam McEndoo; Caroline Reardon.

(missing Lt Charmaine Lloyd)

Bands & Corps of Drums (cadet) - Cadet Cpl William Jones joined Cheshire ACF in 2013. In 2014, he joined the newly formed Cheshire ACF Corps of Drums as a grade 6 trumpet player, adding an extra evening parade to his diary. William has attended two national band concentrations, many local displays, achieved APC 4 Star Corps of Drums and in April 2017 was promoted Drum Major. He quickly mastered the bugle and learned the marches to a high standard, winning the National Bugle Competition in 2016 and 2017. He is now heavily involved in training new potential musicians in the bugle and in recruiting new members into the Corps of Drums. He is an excellent role model and mentor to the younger cadets, always reliable and passionate about the Corps of Drums.

Bands & Corps of Drums (CFAV) - Lt Robert Morris is the county lead for the Corps of Drums within Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF as well as acting as the 160 Brigade representative. He is also an active member of Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF, taking the lead on all aspects of APC and musical training. The time and commitment that Lt Morris shows to the cadets is well over what is expected of a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) and this dedication is reflected in the achievements and professionalism for which Lt Morris is well-known.

First Aid (cadet) - Cadet Ryan McCormick, who comes from Glasgow & Lanarkshire ACF, witnessed an incident at school in which a pupil was choked, then thrown to the ground, punched and kicked in the head several times. Ryan and several other pupils restrained the person punching and kicking and removed the attacker from the immediate incident. Ryan then asked the nearest classroom teacher to inform the Head of Department and managed the casualty until the ambulance arrived. Since the incident occurred, his school has implemented First Aid training for responsible pupils. According to his county, Ryan is more than eager to help others and can always be trusted to complete tasks unsupervised.

First Aid (CFAV) - 2 Lt Sam McEndoo is a diligent detachment commander with the Royal County of Berkshire ACF and a strong advocate of first aid. Despite running a detachment under challenging circumstances, due to loss of her detachment building, she has also fulfilled the role of County First Aid Training Officer over the past 18 months. She is passionate about both roles and works tirelessly to ensure that CFAVs, permanent staff and cadets obtain appropriate qualifications, taking time off from her employment where necessary.

Sport (cadet) - Cadet Orla Walker has excelled in ACF sport since she joined Hereford and Worcester ACF in 2014. She has retained her National Champion titles over three seasons. Between 2014 and 2017, she won 11 national gold and three silver medals in swimming, cross country and track and field events, retaining the title of Regional Victrix Ludorum throughout. Orla won her first two national gold medals in the pool just after joining the ACF. She was the run-away winner of the Junior Girls Cross Country 2015, second in the Junior Girls 300 metres and the clear winner in the 1,500 metres at the National Athletics competition. In 2016 she retained her Junior Girls Cross Country title and ran the fastest 1,500 metres of the day in all age groups at the National Athletics. In 2017, she won individual and team gold in the National Cross Country and individual gold in the National 1,500 and 300 metres. She is an exceptionally determined and talented individual who is always committed to her team.

Sport (CFAV) - Lt Charmaine Lloyd, from Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF has been County Sports Officer for a few years. She has been an inspiration in promoting the events, sometimes with little support. It is a difficult task to get cadets to these events but she manages to achieve it year on year. Over the last twelve months, Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF has fielded cadets at both the winter and summer sports competitions and participated in Boys football; Girls football; Rugby; Athletics; and Hockey. Lt Lloyd has, without recognition, planned and facilitated the winter sports competition, during the absence of the Welsh Sports Officer. The event was a great success and it saw all three Welsh battalions compete against each other.

Duke of Edinburgh (CFAV) - Civilian Assistant John Harmes' exceptional personal efforts have ensured success for many hundreds of young people over his 37 years of uniformed service to Sussex ACF. He has held a number of key appointments, developing an enviable depth of knowledge especially in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Now retired from a uniformed role, John volunteered to carry on as the Duke of Edinburgh's award officer. He's a highly effective youth leader who without doubt has made a very positive difference to the success of Duke of Edinburgh's awards within Sussex.

Pipes & Drums (cadet) - Cdt CSgt Jodie Standen is dedicated to furthering herself as a cadet, and to helping to ensure that the junior cadets within her detachment at 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF strive to reach their goals. Although she is not a member of the Pipes and Drums detachment within the Battalion, Jodie makes an almost four-hour round trip from Fort William to Inverness to take part in the Pipe Band Detachment training nights where she holds the position of Battalion Drum Major. Jodie became the Lead Drum Major for the National Pipes and Drums on their performance with the Massed Bands and Pipes and Drums of the Household Division on Horse Guards Parade, a daunting task which meant she had to learn a completely new set of Drum Majors Mace drill. Jodie rose to the occasion, mastering the drill required and putting on a fantastic performance, for which she was also commended by the Senior Drum Major of the Guards Division. Jodie has also completed her BTEC Music Diploma with CVQO and is currently working towards her Duke of Edinburgh's (Silver) award.

Pipes & Drums (CFAV) - Capt Caroline Reardon has been an exceptional member of the ACF for a vast number of years, achieving the position of Company Commander within the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders before transferring over to the National Training Team of the Pipes and Drums to become the Administration Officer (AO). Caroline is a steadfast member of the training team and regularly makes a six-hour round trip from Oban to Edinburgh in order to fulfill her role and does this without complaint and in weather conditions that would make most instructors think twice. Caroline’s passion and dedication for supporting the Pipes and Drums in her role as the AO allows the remainder of the training team to focus on maintaining the standards required and is gratefully appreciated.