Craig Mathieson hero imag


National Army Cadet Ambassador

Following his retirement from regular service in 1992, Craig worked for an accountancy firm, but in 2013 quit his job to set up a children’s charity, the Polar Academy. In 2019 Craig delivered an inspirational talk at the ACF Conference. Since then, Craig has gone on to help children and young people aged 13-17, believe in their own abilities and strive to achieve their ambitions, through the academy and his motivational speaking appointments.

From an early age, Craig’s dream was to ski the South Pole. That dream became reality in 2004. But at school, his dreams and ambitions were not embraced and he left education feeling disheartened. This lack of encouragement fuelled his desire to support young people who may be going through a similar experience and was the drive behind setting up the academy. The Polar Academy trains young people to lead and become future role models. This helps to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence, which has often been crushed as a result of circumstances at home or school.

Craig and cadets

“I’m so excited to have be given this opportunity. The Army’s Cadets offers young people an opportunity to enjoy exciting activities in a safe and inclusive environment, which is something that I feel very passionate about. I look forward to developing my role and working with cadets and CFAVs over the coming months.”