CTC Frimley Park
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Skill At Arms (SAA) Instructor Course

The aim of this course is to produce Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) Skill-at-Arms (SAA) Instructors. Training and revision will also be conducted in the Core Values and Standards, leadership and management issues and CFAV responsibility guidelines.


Successful completion of the course qualifies CFAVs as Cadet Force SAA Instructors.

Successful completion qualifies ACF CFAVs for promotion from Sergeant Instructor to Staff Sergeant Instructor.


This course is open to both the CCF and ACF. Candidates must have attended the AIC or CCF Basic (Qualifying) course.


The following pre-requisites apply:
(1) Formally take part in all of rifle lessons 1-9 and hold a current WHT on the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.


It is recommended that students also undertake the following before attending the course:
(1) Watch another SAAI teaching lessons 1-9.

(2) Rehearse SAA lessons under the supervision of a qualified SAAI (“students” must already have received the instruction from a qualified SAAI).