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Phil Campion

Army Cadet Champion

Phil Campion (AKA Big Phil) is a former soldier, author and TV personality.

Phil was given up for adoption at birth and subsequently sent to a series of children's homes. Even though Phil had a relatively high IQ he struggled at school and left Woolston School and joined Kingham Hill School where he joined the CCF. Phil left school at the age of 16-years-old, he spent most of his time at Calshot Activity Centre where he joined a Youth Training Scheme. Phil only saw one career path he wanted to take. Phil joined the Royal Hampshire's, despite a challenging start to life Phil went on to extraordinary achievements. In 1997 he passed Special Forces selection both the Royal Marines Commando and the Parachute Regiment tests. He saw Operational Service in Northern Ireland, West Africa and the Balkans amongst others. In 2011 Phil wrote his first book of four “Born Fearless” which was a Times bestseller, he also starred in his own TV documentary commissioned by Sky “Big Phil’s War”.

Since leaving the military, Phil has helped raise the profile and funds of numerous charities and good causes. In 2005 he also invented the UTag, a USB stick contained in dog tag where the holder can enter their basic ID, details for two ICE contacts, GP details, their health insurance policy and any further details on individual specific medical conditions.

Phil's big promise in life was to one day put back in as much as he has taken out. Being the champion of the ACF has given him the opportunity to achieve this aim.

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