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ACFA Insurance

The ACFA provides insurance to members of the ACF for areas outside MOD liability.

This currently takes three forms:

Collective Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

The Army Cadet Force Association offers adults and cadets of the ACF a personal accident insurance scheme. This is in addition to the MOD indemnity that operates if the department or its agents are found to have been negligent when MOD property or facilities are used. All ACF counties, Battalions and sectors are covered, as are all Outreach participants.

Current Annual Premium:

  • CFAV - £4.77
  • Cadet - £1.60

Collective Travel Insurance Scheme

This policy provides cover for cadet expeditions, activites relating to The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and other visits. ACFA collects the premiums and forwards them to the broker. No charge is made for this service as it is regarded by the Trustees as a core part of the charity objects and meets the Association's obligations under duty of care.

Current Travel Insurance Premium*:

  • United Kingdom - £0.85;
  • Europe - £1.22; and
  • Rest of World - £1.52.

*Daily rate per person

Legal Help Insurance

The ACFA has purchased an insurance policy that puts in place a legal helpline to assist ACF adult volunteers who might face criminal prosecution in relation to their ACF activities. In the event that any criminal prosecution of an adult volunteer, in relation to ACF matters, goes to court, the legal help advisers will, if appropriate, fund a defence until the conclusion of the proceedings, or recommend a guilty plea.

For further details of all insurance matters please contact ACFA.