Would you like to become a regular supporter of the ACFA?

Individual Membership

An Individual Member is a private individual who wishes to support the ACF by making a charitable donation to the ACFA in return for membership. They may be a serving CFAV or a supporter and could make an annual donation or a larger one-off donation.

In addition to receiving information from the ACFA including Army Cadet Volunteer and the Annual Review an Individual member has a personal vote at General Meetings of the ACFA.

General Membership

All ACF Counties, Battalions and Sectors are classed as General Members. The Articles nominate the incumbent Cadet Commandant as the representative of the ACF County to General Meetings of the ACFA and they are formally invited to attend AGM.

All CFAVs in an ACF County with General Membership (currently all ACF Counties) are classified as ‘beneficiaries’ and receive all of the benefits of membership, including access to the Legal Helpline and advice from the ACFA Activity Heads, except an individual vote at General Meetings. They carry no personal liability to the charity.

Rights and Obligations

Individual Members and ACF Counties with General Membership gain a wide range of membership benefits, particularly access to advice, support, grants, training, and representation. As a formal member of the charity they also have certain rights and obligations.

Members are entitled to require the Trustees to call a general meeting (this requires: at least 10% of members. If more than 12 months has elapsed since the last general meeting, then only 5% of members are required). Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings and may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf.

Members are obliged, should the charity be dissolved, to contribute such sum (not exceeding £1) as may be demanded of them towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the Charity incurred before they cease to be a member, and of the costs charges and expenses of winding up. This applies to all members and for twelve months after they cease to be a member.