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hrough the ACFA's close involvement with most of the day to day activities of the ACF, we are able to comment with insight and balance on the policies of a wide range of national statutory bodies where we believe their programmes or policies will impact positively or negatively on the continued success of the ACF.

We are most directly linked to official committees within the Ministry of Defence where the Association's Trustees or Secretariat are formally represented on the following key policy-making and other governing bodies:

  • MOD Youth and Cadet Council (Ministerially chaired)
  • Defence Youth and Cadet Policy Steering Group
  • Defence Youth and Cadet Communications Group
  • Army Cadet Executive Group
  • Army Communications Executive Group
  • ACF Recruit Marketing Group
  • ACF Training Committee
  • Council of Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations
  • Executive Board of the Council of RFCAs