Who is eligible to apply to become an officer

The role of the Army Cadet officer is first and foremost about inspiring and leading cadets and adult volunteers.

There is no such thing as an ideal officer candidate, and our current Army Cadet leaders come from an enormously broad range of backgrounds and life experiences.

If you are joining the Army Cadets you will need to spend some time as an Adult Instructor first, before you are able to become an Officer. This allows you to get to know and understand the organisation well enough to gain the authority required to lead and inspire other adult volunteers, some of whom may have been in the Army Cadets for many years.

If you are a former officer in any of the Armed Services or Cadet Forces then you should apply to the Army Cadet Commandant for an interview when you look to join. Following this you will be subject to a transfer board conducted by AOSB. Existing officers of the reserve may also serve in the Army Cadets and hold an Army Cadets commission with the permission of their current commanding officer.

Before you apply to attend the Army Cadet Commissions Board (ACCB) you will need to meet the minimum requirements, which are:

  • Attended a camp for at least five nights duration;
  • Passed a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Access NI (Northern Ireland) or PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scotland) check
  • Successful completion of all induction training.

To take the first step talk to your Commandant or Deputy Commandant and then apply in writing by completing the required application paperwork. If they think you are suitable for an Army Cadet Commission they will support and mentor you which should include putting you forward for a pre-ACCB weekend in your area to help you prepare for the actual board.

More information is available on what happens at a Cadet Force Commissioning Board (CFCB) selection board and on the Initial Officer Training programme (IOT).