What's been going on!

Despite everyone being at home there has still been so much positive activity taking place throughout the Cadet community. Below we pick out a few highlights from the week.

What's been going on!

27 March 2020

  • National

Ambassador Jordan Wylie on SKY News

On Monday morning, Ambassador Jordan Wylie appeared on the Kay Burley show on Sky News, to chat about his latest Marathon in a Cryo-chamber. He had been due to fly out to the North Pole to run the marathon there but was unable to due to the Coronavirus. So, he had to rethink his plans. Determined to still go ahead, Jordan completed the gruelling five-hour run, whilst experiencing the same temperature conditions as the North Pole, thanks to a cryo-lab chamber in Southampton.

A photo of Jordan and Cadets holding his Army Cadet flag was shown whilst he went on to speak about the Army Cadets; “I want to really inspire the Army Cadets of the UK as well, because all the Cadet units have closed down, so there will be lots of interactive resources and things that we are planning behind the scenes, that we can inspire and help through education.”

Online Parade Nights

It was brilliant to see so many of you delivering online parade nights throughout the week. Captain Feltham of Angus and Dundee Battalion was one of those, hosting a lesson on Fire Control Orders on Monday evening. The session included comments and live polls to make it interactive, Great work!

Plant a Victory Garden

As part of our drive to keep Cadets occupied during activity hiatus and national lockdown, we launched “Plant a Victory Garden” this week.

Gardening, whether that be in a small pot on a windowsill, a balcony planter, or in a garden has proven to have therapeutic benefits and provides us all with the opportunity to get away from the “screens”, which many of us will be reliant on more than ever right now.

The name Victory Gardens goes back to World War 2, when people grew fruit and vegetables to ease food shortages and boost morale. We look forward to sharing what cadets have grown over the coming weeks and months.

Instagram take-over

On Tuesday evening, we saw the first ever Instagram take-over in Army Cadet History. Kick-starting the first live broadcast was our very own adventurer and Ambassador Jordan Wylie. Viewers had the opportunity to ask Jordan questions and there were many “shout-outs” too! This take-over will be the first of a series of Tuesday take-overs with our ambassadors and champion. Watch this space!

Sally Orange ski expedition

Fresh from her ski expedition in Norway. Sally Orange, one of our very own Army Cadet Ambassador’s, made it onto the pages of Hello Magazine this week.

Sally was one of a group of five-strong British women, who, over 14 days, trekked 200km across the Finnmark Plateau; the largest ice plain in Europe. You can check-out the story here.

Duke of Edinburgh

It was amazing to find out that we’ve had over 150 approved Duke of Edinburgh Awards in March alone, taking our total to 1,744 for the year. Amazing commitment from everyone involved!

Commander Cadets Update

Commander Cadets gave an update for us all on Thursday afternoon and went on to say, “Just checking in to see that you are all keeping safe and abiding the Prime Minister’s direction to stay at home and protect the nation.”

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