What's been going on!

This weeks round-up of activity within the Army Cadets

What's been going on!

3 April 2020

  • National

The Body Coach P.E. Lessons

On Monday, RSM Frimley Park, was up bright and early working out with Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach. RSM was joined by his young daughter Matilda and Dyson his beloved Labrador – who tried to upstage the RSM with his moves! Check out the clip below:

First Aid Advice

Shropshire ACF shared some fantastic advice sheets from St. John Ambulance reminding everyone of the recovery position procedure. “If a person is unconscious but is breathing and has no other life-threatening conditions, they should be placed in the recovery position. Putting someone in the recovery position will keep their airway clear and open.” Take a look at their Twitter post here

Special Guest Joins Big Phil

It was amazing to see so many of you tuning in to our second Instagram “Takeover” on Tuesday night with ACF Champion, Phil Campion. Not only were so many Cadets and CFAVs watching Phil live from his home in Spain, but also none other than Bear Grylls was watching on. Great job Phil!

Landmark Birthday

On Wednesday 2 Northern Ireland Battalion celebrated the 120th birthday of the Irish Guards. Happy Birthday!

Virtual Parade visits

Whilst we’re all adapting to doing more activities virtually, the RSM Frimley Park announced that he would be delighted to attend any of the “Virtual Parade Nights” that are going on during the lockdown period. He’s not been short of invitations either! In his first week, RSM has visited five detachments, including Thurso in Scotland, which he’ll be visiting in person on his “Long Walk” in June. If you’d like him to visit your parade night, contact him via Twitter: @RSM_Frimley

Ambassador Sally Orange launches Motivational Mornings

To help us cope during the lockdown period, Ambassador Sally Orange will be bringing us a host of coping strategies (one each day) to help get us through the coming weeks. They will all be filmed and shared across our social media platforms, so be sure to tune in and like/share/retweet these great little films.

Did we Catch Anyone Out?

There was no fooling our Cadets and CFAVs when we teased the idea of introducing a new refreshment van for fieldcraft exercises. Although some of you seemed rather keen for this to be implemented!!

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