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Cadets secure prime real estate!

Cadets secure prime real estate!

24 July 2020

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In April we launched a writing competition asking our cadets to tell us why they thought their detachment was the best in the Army Cadets to win a money can't buy prize. After receiving over 700 entries, our judging panel whittled it down to the top four and each winning Cadet will receive hot-off-the press boxes of Monopoly: Army Cadets Edition. What makes this even more special, however, is that the four train stations on the board have been named after the detachments of our four competition winners. The winners’ names will printed on the back of the board, too. Check out their entries below

14th Platoon - Berkshire ACF

Alliyah Evans

I go to a deaf secondary school, but there I didn’t feel like I belonged, I wasn’t considered properly deaf as I can speak. I wanted to belong somewhere, So I started looking into clubs, at first I was put off as they were hearing clubs. I’ve struggled with hearing clubs and schools before, I never felt like I fitted in. I said to myself just try it for one night, and if I don’t like it, I never have to go back! I arrived and was very nervous, I thought I was going to be judged, that they’d stare at my cochlear implants. I couldn’t have been more wrong! They welcomed me with open arms, no one stared or judged, they treated me exactly as they would everyone else, they even learnt some sign language for me. They made such an effort, I felt so involved. 14th platoon gave me a place where I felt I belonged, and I am proud to be apart of it. I’ve made true friends, I feel more confident in myself, at school I’m now known as the cadet. That is why 14th platoons the best, they welcome you, no matter who you are.

Thornaby Detachment - Cleveland ACF

Jodie Place

Thornaby detachment is the best in the Cleveland ACF because of the amount of support and how much the workers at the detachment believe in their cadets. When I first started cadets at Thornaby I was shy and I was a troublemaker at school and I used to wonder the streets causing mayhem but after joining the cadets I’ve gained in confidence and am able to make new friends in a group of strangers and I’ve stopped getting in to trouble my parents describe me as a complete different child going to cadets has brought me closer to my family and brought me out of my shell the whole of Thornaby detachment are like a family and we are all here for one another no matter what.

Since joining I’ve made new friends for life and I’ve learned so many new things and it’s helping me discover who I am and guiding me to my future career in the army. Thornaby Cadet Force is so understanding and cares so much for the cadets there, going to cadets on a Tuesday and Thursday is something I look forward to and it’s an escape from the outside world. I don’t see cadets as something I have to do, I see cadets as something fun and educational I wish I had joined sooner.

Christchurch Detachment - Dorset ACF

Eden Armstrong

So many people show their commitment to the detachment. The adult volunteers, our DC, the NCO’s and the cadets all work together selflessly giving time and effort for each other.

Our detachment is always respectful. Whether it’s a visitor or a friend from school, a parent or the DC, respect is given willingly, and this reflects back to us.

Leaving the detachment is a sad thought for anyone, yet our detachment has a left a strong impression of loyalty to anyone who does leave.

In our detachment we adhere to strong morals and principles. Our integrity is what us so popular with new cadets and why they want to join. You'll find no bullying here!

Duties are performed to the best of our abilities. Attention to detail is given to our uniforms, parade, even running the NAAFI. As a unit discipline is expected, and all strive to achieve it.

Constant challenges face everyone involved in our detachment. Our cadets find the courage to try new skills or venture far from home. The A.V.’s constantly offer more opportunities and help us to face the unknowns.

At Christchurch, we’re more than a detachment, we are family, and that’s what makes us great.

Annan Detachment - West Lowlands ACF

Leah Flett

Two nights out of my week I go,
to a place that makes my cheeks glow.
I walk suited and booted through the door,
and see my friends and family that I adore.

The family atmosphere at Annan is what I love.
Cadets come in and are sent achieving above
and beyond what they would ever believe themselves to.
This is because we support one another to pull through.

We have many varied ranks and many varied responsibilities,
so in the detachment everyone has roles and activities.
With this everyone is kept busy and on their toes,
before the parade night comes to a close.

The adults are like a calendar reminder alarm on your phone,
constantly ringing with an annoying ringtone.
I’m very thankful for this even though it can get irritating,
because it pushes us to do events and courses that are educating.

We take everything seriously but at the same time
we enjoy ourselves and have fun, but it’s no crime.
It encourages us to get jobs done to the best of our ability,
by being carried out with a mind and atmosphere full of positivity.

Each of the four competition winners will receive their own brand new Army Cadet Monopoly game fresh of the production line, but that's not it! Their detachment will be featured on the board itself with their physical detachment getting a 'deed card' plaque to display in their unit.

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