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Another packed week for the Army Cadets

Another packed week for the Army Cadets

17 July 2020

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This week we were joined by WO1 Glenn Haughton on our Instagram takeover. He chatted to Army Cadets Ambassador Sally Orange, about his career and his own struggles with mental health problems. He also answered questions sent in by you guys. It was an awesome session, so thankyou to everyone who tuned in and submitted questions.

Next week (Tuesday 21 July), we’ll be joined by Blind Dave Heeley, who was himself in the Cadets in the early 1970’s with aspirations of joining the Army until he lost his vision. He is the first blind person to complete the 7-marathon challenge. Make sure you think of some great questions for him.

Virtual ACF

Wow, you guys really have embraced doing things differently, during these difficult times. This just goes to show how fantastically resilient Army Cadets and CFAV’s are!

Well done to 13 Coy who this week hosted their first Cadet Council Meeting.

Cambridgeshire ACF held its first virtual ceremony, with a guest appearance by the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire. Congratulations to you all.

Shropshire’s A Coy held zoom training for senior cadets, delivered by Cdt SSgt Monk. Brilliant idea.

The team at Northfield Detachment, Durham ACF, had a great fun night playing Detachment Tenable – the APC edition.

Fundraising superstar

Big shout-out to Cdt Lucy Feighery who shaved her hair off for charity. What a great and brave thing to do. Well done Lucy!

STEM in action

Cadets in Stirling learned how to build their own rocket launcher, as part of their STEM activities. How cool is that.

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