Video Competition

Take part in our video competition for cadets

We're looking for videos that are short and punchy, that capture cadet activities and illustrate the benefits of being part of the ACF.

By short we mean very short so your video should be no more than two minutes long (ideally a minute or less). The judges will be looking for videos that put across a subject in a fast paced, fun and attention grabbing way.

Who can enter?

Entries can come from individual cadets or from detachments (if you’re entering as an individual you’ll need your Detachment Commander to view it and provide their permission).

You don’t need a lot of hi-tech kit to produce a winning video – we’re looking for imagination and great story-telling ability so a video produced on your i-phone could be a prize winner.

Entry categories

All videos should reflect what cadets do and be ‘on brand’. For more guidance on the Army Cadets’ brand see the ‘Talking about the Army Cadets’ guide.

You can enter your video in one of four categories, which are:

  • Tutorials / "How to" videos
  • ACF adventures
  • Our detachment / at the detachment
  • Brand stories

For more information on these categories have a look at the further information page. This webpage also provides links to useful information on making videos and more detail on what the judges are looking for.

Individuals can submit up to three entries in to the competition (you don't have to choose the same category each time) but you should submit a separate entry form for each. 


Videos will be judged by an expert panel including professional film makers and PR experts. The best will be awarded Gold or Silver Gilt awards. Cadets or detachments who submit a video rated Gold or Silver Gilt will get a certificate and their video will appear on the official Army Cadets website, on YouTube or the official ACF Facebook page.

The judges will decide on an overall winner in each category who will receive a £250 gift voucher for tech equipment.

The four category winners (and all those given a Gold award) will then be put forward to be judged by the ACF’s Public Relations Officers at their annual PR Conference. They will choose an overall winner who will get a £250 prize as well as a Wilkinson Sword trophy.

How do I enter?

Click the button below to enter your contact details and upload your video.