Youth Engagement Review published

13 July 2012

The recommendations of the Youth Engagement Review have been published. Click to download the YER Summary and Way Forward document (24 pages), the Youth Engagement Review: Final Report and the YER: Final Report (Annexes) (77 pages in total).

The MOD Youth Engagement Review was commissioned in July 2010 by the Rt Hon Andrew Robathan MP, the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans. The Review was tasked to determine the Defence requirement to engage with young people and how that engagement could be most cost effectively delivered. The study looked at Defence within the community and how awareness of Defence issues could be increased in the youth demographic. The review was led by Brigadier James Plastow CBE and engaged widely within Defence, across government and the youth sector.

The Youth Engagement Review concluded that the principal benefit of the MOD’s Youth Engagement activity to the UK as a whole, is the personal and social development of young people, especially those in the Cadet Forces. It recognised the key role adult volunteers provide in running the Cadet Forces. Without them, the Cadet Forces would not exist. It also recognised the unique activities the cadets can participate in and the nationally recognised qualifications available to them.

The Review’s Principal recommendations:

Defence is to adopt a Youth Engagement posture that will:

  • improve awareness
  • sustain recruitment
  • maintain cadet forces at current levels, but be prepared for expansion
  • conduct focussed outreach programmes
  • sustain internal youth engagement and support.

Defence is to produce a coherent Youth Engagement Strategy that is:

  • coordinated at a regional level by an appropriate agency, where beneficial
  • conducted in accordance with a set of national policies formulated by a central MOD team
  • complementary to cross-Government (including devolved administrations) youth initiatives

Defence is to develop a joined up cadet programme starting with:

  • a single Management Information System
  • a core skills framework set within the single-Service ethos
  • a consistent performance report

Defence is to prioritise further work on

  • the support structures in place for cadet units
  • the terms of volunteering for Cadet Force adult volunteers
  • determining the requirement for cadet forces in schools

Defence is to fully examine the method and level of remuneration and allowances for Cadet Force adult volunteers.

The next steps:

Most of the principal recommendations have been broadly accepted and a team is being formed to implement them. The team is based on the MOD’s central Youth & Cadets Branch, but will include representatives from the Cadet Forces and the Armed Forces as necessary.