Uxbridge Army Cadet carries Olympic torch

10 July 2012

Thirteen year old Uxbridge Army Cadet Tegan Young-Blackman from Iver, Bucks ran through Stoke Mandeville yesterday carrying the Olympic flame aloft and beaming with smiles.

At exactly 12 noon on the Wendover Road the flame was passed to her, a huge cheer went up and she set off flanked by the now familiar team of Olympic torch escorts.

The Chalfonts Community College student said "This was just an amazing day, and there were so many people out there, cheering and supporting all of us. Carrying the torch is something I'll remember for the rest of my life and it's something I'll be able to tell my children and grandchildren about."

Her family who nominated her were there and were thrilled at being part of the huge event. Supporters included her drama group and Army Cadets from Uxbridge.

Tegan joined the Army Cadets at Uxbridge in October 2011 and says she loves the activities and the outdoor life. She is looking forward to going to annual camp in Wales in August together with 500 army cadets from Middlesex and North West London.