The annual Canadian Cadet Exchange begins

10 July 2017

The annual Canadian Cadet Exchange has begun.

Three groups of 12 ACF cadets and two adult volunteers travelled to camps across Canada on 8 July, and 60 Canadian cadets and six Canadian adults arrived in the UK on 10 July.

UK to Canada

The British cadets heading across the Atlantic have been split into three groups and join cadets from all over Canada also taking part in the summer camp season at three camps – Argonaut in New Brunswick, Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory, and Rocky Mountain in Alberta – for leadership and Adventurous Training Courses.

Army cadets arriving at Rocky Mountain Cadet Camp in Alberta, Canada (Photo by Cpl Natasha Tersigni)

During their time in Canada, the cadets will get experience in watermanship, camping expeditions, wilderness first aid, hiking, bike maintenance and riding skills, abseiling, rock climbing, marksmanship and canoeing. The courses also include an element of drill, citizenship and community activities and physical fitness.

The ACF cadets at Argonaut camp return to the UK on 19 August, and cadets at Whitehorse and Rocky Mountain return home on 20 August. 

There is also a shooting team that went to Connaught located in the country's capital, Ottawa, for a Cadet Leadership and Instructor Marksmanship course. The shooting team returns on 28 August. 

Cadets on their first day at Argonaut Cadet Camp, New Brunswick, Canada (Photo by Capt Meaghan Britten)

Canada to UK

For Canadian cadets who are spending their summer at army cadet camps across the UK, their visit is divided into four main phases:

  1. Exercise Tiger Leader – a field and leadership course operated jointly with British cadets, for two weeks based at Holcombe Moor near Manchester.
  2. Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training – The Canadian cadets will be split into groups, one going to Capel Curig (Wales) and one to Halton (Cheshire) where they will participate in activities such as sailing, rock climbing and canoeing.
  3. Cultural week – Split between three days visiting Southampton and Portsmouth, and four days in London. The week will include a mix of educational activities such as museum visits, tank displays, the D-Day War Room, and fun relaxation such as a day at a theme park and seeing a show in London’s West End.
  4. Battlefield Tour – The programme includes four days visiting the battlefields, cemeteries and memorials of WW1 and WW2 in Belgium and Northern France.

The visit will conclude with a meet and greet visit to Canada House (the Canadian High Commission to the UK).

Cadets on both sides of the exchange will face unique challenges, make new friends and leave with a broader view of the world.

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