Statement from Commander 51 (Scottish) Brigade, British Army

9 November 2012

The Army is extremely sorry about the events that led to the tragic death of Cadet Kaylee McIntosh and for the loss suffered by her family in particular. We apologise unreservedly for any failures by the Ministry of Defence which contributed to her death.

We continue to do our utmost to ensure that those involved have been kept informed of significant developments, The Ministry of Defence will continue to offer support to the McIntosh family for as long as they require it.

The Ministry of Defence has already learned lessons from this tragic incident and taken steps to prevent a recurrence. When it becomes available we will review the Health and Safety Executive’s report and take action to address any additional areas of concern.

The Army remains committed to ensuring that the many thousands of cadets who enjoy adventurous and other forms of training each year do so safely, for their benefit and for the benefit of the wider community.