Portsoy Army Cadet awarded one of the UK’s highest lifesaving honours

17 June 2013

Portsoy Army Cadet Emily Reid,16, has been awarded with one of the UK’s highest lifesaving honours, St Johns Ambulance Service Young First Aider of the Year in recognition of her calm and professional actions at the scene of a road accident in Portsoy. Cadet Cpl Reid was in the vicinity when an adult cyclist tumbled off his bike. Racing to the scene Emily discovered the victim was unconscious and bleeding with wounds to his face and mouth. While her friend called 999 Emily checked the man’s breathing and ensured his airway was open. A bystander handed her a first aid kit and she used the dressing to compress the wounds and stop the flow of blood while she waited for paramedics to arrive.

Modest Emily commented, “I have been in the Army Cadets for three years and love every minute of it. Among other activities we are taught first aid and all I did was put the knowledge I was taught into practice, I only did what anyone else would have done. When I arrived on the scene and saw the situation my training just took over”.

Emily was accompanied to St Johns Ambulance Service London Headquarters by her proud parents to stand alongside the 10 other nominees. Emily was one of four award winners and was presented with her award by Adrian Leppard Commissioner of the City of London Police. After the presentation and lunch were over the organisers staged an accident situation for the young first aiders to participate in. Emily says “It was a really exciting day but it is back to revising for my English exam on Monday. When I finish school next year I hope to join the Royal Army Medical Corps.”

The awards are presented to young people each year who use their first aid skills in serious situations.