Northumbria Cadets Return From Jungle Adventure

1 August 2014

Cadets and adult volunteers have just returned from the trip of a lifetime after spending two weeks with 1st Battalion Royal Ghurka Rifles (1RGR) in the jungle of Brunei.

Six months of pre-deployment training was put to good use when after a 30-hour journey from Newcastle Airport they arrived at their destination. The first few days were spent acclimatising during which time they undertook familiarisation training with the Army Air Corps helicopter flight, weapon handling tests and Physical Training under the watchful eye of the Ghurka Physical Training Instructors.

The cadets then progressed onto survival drills and their first non-tactical night in the jungle. The highlight of this for many was learning how to BBQ local fish and what plants and wildlife were safe to eat. The cadets visit attracted such interest that a family of wild boar even came to visit their camp site but the cadets wisely remained in their hammocks.

The 1RGR liaison officer said, " I am amazed at how quickly and enthusiastically the cadets and adult volunteers progressed in their training".

All too soon the exercise came to an end and with it the opportunity for the cadets to spend two days in the Ulu Temburong National Park. Up early the following morning, after a journey by river boat, the cadets climbed through the jungle canopy to enjoy some stunning views across the national park.

The group returned to Newcastle airport full of tales about their experiences. It was even more special for Cadet Sergeant Major Katherine Phillips who had her 18th birthday during the visit.

CSM Phillips said, "To be able to stand above the jungle and look out across the national park on your 18th Birthday was absolutely amazing" and she thanked Northumbria ACF for organising the exercise.