London cadets interviewed by the BBC

8 November 2012

Cadets at 192 Heston detachment of Middlesex and NW London ACF hosted BBC reporter Poonam Taneja this week. Poonam was interviewing the cadets for programmes being broadcast on the BBC Asian Network tomorrow (Friday 9 November 2012) about Remembrance.

The cadets were asked about how they were preparing for Remembrance this weekend, what they would be doing on the day and how they felt about Remembrance. Heston is a particularly diverse Army Cadet Force detachment, with 16 Muslim cadets, 20 Sikhs, 7 Hindus, 1 Buddhist, 4 Catholics and 5 Atheists. They all talked about their different family faiths and backgrounds and the fact that Remembrance is about honouring all bravery, sacrifice and the securing of the freedoms enjoyed today.

The cadets also talked about their experience of the ACF as an inclusive and diverse organisation, with 15-year-old cadet Manjeet Jaswal even telling Poonam about the Sikh ration packs that are available.

Listen to the interviews online at 1300-1330 and 1700-1730 tomorrow (Friday) on the BBC Asian Network.