London Army Cadet Volunteer proudly wears his uniform to work

28 June 2012

Sergeant Elliott Roffey, a youth leader at Victoria’s London Scottish Army Cadet Detachment arrived at his workplace today (27th June) in full military fatigues.

In the run up to Armed Forces Day on 30th June reservists, cadet leaders and cadets are invited to wear their uniform to work to highlight the volunteering aspect of their out of work activity.

By day Elliott is a building porter at the TUC’s Congress House in Great Russell Street, looking after reception, stores, post and other duties. Two nights a week he helps to run the Army Cadet unit at Rochester Row.

“I was a cadet myself” says Elliott, “and I loved the outdoor part, the camping, getting mucky and all the activities that were on offer. Later I came back as an adult volunteer to give the young people some of the fun and opportunities that I’d had as a teenager. I’m very proud of what the Army Cadets stands for which is why I’m happy to take part in Uniform to Work Day. My employer has been enormously supportive”

By mid afternoon Elliott had fielded over a hundred and fifty enquiries from colleagues and visitors about his uniform and his volunteering work.

The TUC’s Assistant General Secretary, Kay Carberry (pictured) welcomed the idea “It’s been very striking having Elliott in uniform and I think it’s a very good thing especially if it encourages other people to volunteer”.

Uniform to Work Day is one of a series of events intended to raise awareness of Armed Forces Day which takes place this year on Saturday, 30 June 2012, and celebrates all of those who make up the Armed Forces Family. It also provides an opportunity to celebrate the role of the Reserves and to show the public the Armed Forces are made up of people from all sections of the community.

Photos (detailed below) and article courtesy of Capt Michael Nolan, PR Officer Middlesex & Northwest London ACF

Sgt Roffey on reception duties
Sgt Roffey having a tea break
TUC’s Assistant General Secretary, Kay Carberry welcomes Sgt Roffey