Jubilee River Pageant gets a helping hand from London's cadets

8 June 2012

On Sunday 3rd June London Cadets were proud to be part of HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. Among the tasks assigned to London’s cadets were escorting VIPs, selling programmes, distributing leaflets and helping members of the public at various London bridges.

Army Cadets and ACF adult volunteers from South East and South West London ACF were manning Lambeth Bridge from an early hour on Sunday morning (pictured). Elsewhere City of London and North East London cadets and adults were tasked with distribution information leaflets (pictured).

Meanwhile over at Imperial Wharf Marina, near Chelsea Harbour Pier, a small team of Army and Air Cadets and Adults were escorting and helping the many VIPs embarking on the passenger craft that were part of the flotilla (pictured).

Not only was Imperial Wharf the departure point for many members of the royal family and other VIPs but it was the start point for the fabulous rowing craft "Gloriana", with Matthew Pinsent, Steve Redgrave and others sports men and women aboard.

On the river the Sea Cadets in their motor craft grabbed everyone’s attention as in seeming endless numbers they led off a whole section of the flotilla (pictured).
Colonel Hugh Purcell (OBE DL), Chair of Youth Organisations Uniform (YOU) London said “I am delighted that some 1500 young people and supporting adult volunteers, drawn from 11 organisations across Greater London will play a major part in the Pageant. And this in addition to the parts some will play within their borough or more widely in direct support of their parent organisation. It seems entirely fitting, looking forwards as well as backwards, that these outstanding organisations with over a thousand years of successful experience of youth engagement, should be able to reinforce their close links with Her Majesty and help celebrate such a significant day.”

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Photographer: Captain Michael Nolan PR Officer Middlesex and North West London ACF