Gloucestershire ACF gets sporty

20 May 2013

40 Adult Instructors and Cadets from Gloucestershire ACF completed the Community Sports Leadership Award at the Cadet Training Centre in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean.

Sports Leaders UK Awards and qualifications use the medium of sport to help people learn to lead. They learn the essential skills of leadership, communication, organisation and motivation and in addition to this they grow in confidence and self belief. The personal journeys that people undertake whilst learning to lead stand them in good stead for their career and life’s journey.

The Level 2 Award Community Sports Leadership Award is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful candidates to independently lead small groups of people in sports and recreational activities.

The course was professionally administered by the Local Education Authority and the enjoyment was more than evident from both Adult Instructors and Cadets alike.

This is the first such course to be run in Gloucestershire County and all students passed with a high level of enthusiasm. The 40 participating AIs and senior cadets are now qualified to instruct and oversee sports activities in their own Platoons.

Organiser Major John Osborn, Officer in Command Non Military activities, commented through a big smile:

“We were soaking wet tired and ached from all the activities but not once did the enthusiasm of cadets and Adult Instructors falter, as you can see from the picture.....we had a lot of fun!”.