Gap year opportunities with RMA Sandhurst

19 January 2016

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is offering school leavers the opportunity to spend a gap year travelling the world, trying something different and earning money as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army with the Gap Year Commission.


After eight weeks of intensive training at the world-renowned Academy, participants will be given the rank of Second Lieutenant and have the responsibility of commanding some of the finest soldiers in the world for the remainder of their gap year. Those on the scheme will live with fellow junior officers in the Officer's Mess and will be paid £18,000 for the year.

Lieutenant Colonel Lucy Giles, Commander of New College at Sandhurst, commented on the opportunity: “This ‘year out’ will provide you with incomparable experience and skills, putting you one step ahead of your peers. It will give you the opportunity to take part in overseas training exercises, adventurous training across the world, and team, winter and individual sports. But most importantly, you will receive world class training to overcome physical and mental challenges, leaving you with the confidence and management skills to develop you as a leader.”

There is no obligation for those who complete the Gap Year Commission to continue serving in the Army. However, those that do want to can continue their military career as a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve while at university, and can then choose to pursue a regular career as an Army Officer after university.

The deadline for applications is 1 March 2016. To find out more and apply visit