Champion Cadet 2013

18 November 2013

Cadet RSM Angus Caddick, of the 1st Battalion Highlanders, was named this year’s Champion Cadet. Established in 1991 and held at Frimley Park each September, the competition is open to those cadets who have achieved Master Cadet status and requires cadets to master all that they have learnt in their cadet careers.

The cadets are judged by a three-strong panel of senior cadet officers, along with Frimley staff members. Their performance is assessed throughout the 24 hour event, with the best marks awarded to those that demonstrate that they are self-starters, self-motivated and can respond to the unexpected.

To take first place, RSM Caddick had to outcompete both Jake Allitt (2nd Place) and Andrew Walsh (3rd place) in general knowledge, field craft, weaponry, drills, map and compass, first aid, night navigation and physical challenges against other competitors to claim
victory. Congratulations must go to all the cadets who took part, who displayed an incredible level of skill and determination during the event.

RSM Caddick received £300 to spend in the Cadet shop, a solid silver medal engraved with his name, the Clare Shore Trophy and an invitation to the ACFA dinner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

The competition is much more than a prize though, and for RSM Caddick, winning was a “huge shock and surprise” and above all “a huge honour”. He emphasised the invaluable role the AI’s played in the training and success of all the competitors and said of his experience;

"When you go through all that practicing and hard work to be told that you are the top cadet in the UK, that is really big – something that when you first join the cadets you can only dream of”.