Calling all ACF detachment commanders

18 November 2011

All ACF Detachment Commanders are kindly requested to complete a new questionnaire in Westminster.

In 2010, the Army Cadet Executive Group (ACEG) determined that leadership and management training for ACF adult volunteers needed to be strengthened and that a formal course should be set up at the Cadet Training Centre at Frimley Park. Following this, the Land Forces Cadets Training Development Team (TDT) is working to develop the required training.

The course, to be known as the Adult Leadership and Management (ALM) course, will be aimed at those about to take up appointment as a Detachment Commander. Part of the TDT’s work involves consulting the ACF about the job that detachment commanders perform. This questionnaire, which is aimed specifically at detachment commanders, forms part of that consultation. It can be completed electronically in Word (preferably) or in hard copy.

Your input to this study would be much appreciated and we would ask you kindly to take the time to complete the form and return it to the TDT at Frimley Park.