ACF Cadets nominated for Guy Evans Young Hero Award

21 July 2017

Two ACF cadets, Emily Budinger from Sussex and Ellis Rudge from Suffolk, are among five young people nominated for the Guy Evans Young Hero of the Year award, part of the high-profile Everyday Heroes awards run by St John Ambulance and supported by the Mail on Sunday.

Ellis Rudge

Ellis Rudge (13) from Haverhill detachment, Suffolk ACF, went to the aid of Mason West (10) after he fell at a skate park and banged his head on his scooter. Mason passed out and suffered internal bruising to the skull, but the outcome could have been worse if it hadn’t been for Ellis’ swift actions. Ellis gave first aid to Mason and remained with him until paramedics and his family arrived.


Photo: Mail on Sunday

“He is a hero … and I owe him a massive amount of debt for helping my son,” Melanie West, Mason’s mum said.

Emily Budinger

Emily Budinger from Horsham detachment, Surrey ACF, was chopping firewood at a Canadian children’s summer camp when the axe she was using cut her leg to the bone.


Photo: Mail on Sunday

Rather than panic, Emily's first aid training immediately took over.

“I don’t remember how I had the clarity of mind to lay myself on my back," Emily said. "Next thing I knew I was laying on the dirt with my leg raised. I had a bandanna on my wrist, and so I untied it and pushed it into my wound.”

When her friends arrived on the scene, one of them fainted, but Emily was able to instruct one of her friends to look after the other casualty and to check that he knew about keeping the airway clear and using the recovery position. Emily made a speedy recovery and puts her actions down to “the first class training I received from Sussex ACF, and a good dose of adrenaline.”

The winner of this year’s award will be announced at a dinner on 28 September, hosted by TV presenter Katie Piper. CFAVs and cadets have been encouraged to support the awards by casting their vote for the winners before July 30.

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