144 complete intense Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol

30 April 2018

Last weekend, 144 young people gathered in Wales to tackle one of the most intense experiences available to cadets. In total, 18 teams of ACF and CCF cadets entered Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2018 and their participation ensured that most of the British Army’s Brigades were represented.

“Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol tested a wide range of areas across the whole of the cadet syllabus,” said Major Mark Teesdale RE, Officer Commanding of the Cadet Training Team with 160th Infantry Brigade & Headquarters Wales. “The standard this year was higher than ever, and just making it to Cambrian means the cadets are the best in their Brigades. It’s one of the most intense exercises cadets can face and the experience will help to prepare them to overcome future challenges.”

Taking place at Sennybridge Training Area, the diverse terrain north of the Brecon Beacons presented a unique challenge for the cadets. The exercise started at 4:30am on Saturday with Reserves from 104 Regiment Royal Artillery providing breakfast. Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol started soon after at 6:00am and the teams were tasked with returning to their starting point at 6:00pm.


Over the next 12 hours, the teams covered 25KM on foot, encountering numerous stands on their respective routes that hosted tasks to test their skills in; map reading, navigation, first aid, teamwork, leadership and field craft and other areas. Each stand was manned by Regular or Reserve soldiers and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

The cadets final task was a patrol to the range where they engaged targets up to 300m away on Sunday morning. The presentation followed and teams were awarded gold, silver, bronze and certificate standard classifications and engraved medals.

Gwent & Powys ACF, Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School and Shrewsbury School CCF achieved Gold medals. The awards were presented by Colonel David Hammond, Colonel Cadets of 160th Infantry Brigade & Headquarters Wales.

In addition the following prizes were awarded:

  • Best Welsh Patrol - Gwent & Powys ACF
  • Best International Patrol - Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School
  • Best ACF Section Commander - Cdt RSM Lewis, Gwent & Powys ACF
  • Best CCF Section Commander - Cdt CSgt Sherwood, Royal Grammar School High Wycombe CCF

Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2019

Places are limited, so any ACF or CCF wishing to take part in Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2019 is advised to apply through their own Brigade Cadet Training Team.