Angela Richards

Civilian Assistant
Adult Volunteer

Angela Richards has been a Civilian Assistant with Cardigan detachment G (Welsh Guards) Company in Ceredigion since June 2014. Having been out of the workplace for five years to spend time with her husband and children Angela credits the ACF with giving her some of her confidence back.

The Army Cadets has made a huge difference to me and my family.

I decided to join as my husband and children were already involved in the Army Cadets. When I turned 40 I thought I wouldn’t learn anything new, but through the ACF I have learnt how to do first aid, which I think is a must for everyone, and how to read a map which should come in handy living in the countryside and on a mountain!

Since joining G Company I’ve made new friends and have taken part in a number of Company activities such as helping out with a Lifeboat push which I enjoyed but found quite a challenge.

Since I joined my friends and family have seen my confidence growing and, as a parent and an ACF volunteer, I enjoy seeing the changes the ACF makes to many of the cadets around me. It gives them confidence, discipline, life skills, first aid qualifications and opportunities to make new friends. The ACF also makes them more aware of the big outside world, and gives them a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

The ACF has made a huge difference to my family. I have two children in the ACF and I’ve noticed they’re both more independent. They’ve developed life skills, they have more confidence, they’re not afraid to ask questions and they enjoy being part of a team. It’s also been great to see my husband, who was a shy person, progress from a Civilian Assistant to Adult Under Officer, to a Detachment Commander and Public Relations Officer.