Alysia Alam

Adult Under Officer and former cadet
Adult Volunteer

Alysia Alam is balancing volunteering with the ACF with the demands of studying for a degree and working part-time. Having been in the ACF aged 12-18, Alysia signed up as an adult volunteer as soon as possible. She credits the ACF with changing her “from being a shy little 12-year-old girl to a confident and bubbly 20-year-old woman”.

Without cadets I wouldn’t be as confident or positive as I am today. It helped me overcome a lot of struggles through my teenage years, from bullying to exams to friendships, and I’ve gained friends for a lifetime and acquired skills I’ll never forget.

Since joining I’ve seen the ACF save cadets from a life of crime, save them from themselves and save them from their families. The ACF just builds people to be the best version of themselves and I love the fact I’m now part of the team that helps these young people become adults.

As an Adult Under Officer (AUO) I’m aiming to become a company commander, or possibly a commandant one day. I didn’t realise how much officers did until I became an instructor and realised that I wanted to be in the position where I was the one planning weekends, carrying out the necessary testing and just making sure the cadets have fun.

My ACF training has helped me manage my time and to look at the bigger picture in any problem I’m facing – ‘adapt and overcome’ is my motto. If I hadn’t joined the ACF I have no idea where I would be. I would probably be unhealthy, shy and boring – cooped up in some office and running 10 miles if I saw an insect.