Could you pass on your experience and inspiration to enthusiastic youngsters as a volunteer leader in the Army Cadets?


We’re looking for talented people (especially women) who would like to use or develop their leadership skills as volunteer instructors in the Army Cadet Force (ACF).


About the Army Cadets

With 41,000 cadets (boys and girls aged 12-18) in over 1,600 locations in communities around  the UK, the ACF is one of the country’s biggest and best voluntary youth organisations. Though many think of the Army Cadets as being ‘all about the military’, in fact our focus is on giving  youngsters opportunities for fun, friendship, action and adventure. Joining the Army Cadets also helps young people to develop leadership and team-working skills and to build the confidence and self-belief they need to succeed in life. 

The benefits for you

The benefits aren’t all one way! Our volunteers consistently give the ACF top marks for fun and friendship, for giving them the opportunity to develop new skills and for the pleasure they get from helping young people and playing a vital role in their local communities.

Who we’re looking for

ACF volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, including managers, mothers, factory supervisors, shop workers, designers, former soldiers and returning cadets. At the moment we have vacancies for volunteers around the UK but we are particularly keen to recruit more women with  the drive to become Officers – to help lead young people and other ACF instructors in their local communities.

So if you think you could give up one or two evenings a week and want to do something really rewarding with your free time, the Army Cadets would love to hear from you.

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