Make it your year

Rather than deciding on what to give up, how about doing more of what you fancy and getting the most out of life? There’s so much the ACF has to offer you’ll find it difficult to cram it all into 2015.

If you’re thinking of becoming an adult volunteer there’s a full-on exciting year just waiting to happen for you. What could be more rewarding than helping young people to achieve their goals in life and having lots of fun along the way?

If you’re already an adult volunteer then this could be the year to take the challenge and step up to becoming an officer. The benefits are enormous. Not only by developing your leadership qualities but also by being in more control of your detachment and in a stronger position to make the decisions that will really help shape the future of our cadets.

If you’re a cadet you’ll know only too well how action-packed life is in the ACF and 2015 promises lots more of it. So try going even further and get that Duke of Edinburgh bronze, silver or why not go for gold?

If you want to become a cadet then just think of filling your year with some rock climbing, mountain biking, archery and abseiling with a lot of new mates. Sounds better than staying in and watching the telly doesn’t it?

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