Leslie Edwards

Winner of the ACFA Recognising Excellence Award (sponsored by BAE Systems) for First Aid, CFAV Category

Leslie, from Cambridgeshire ACF, was recommended for the Recognising Excellence award by cadet commandant Col Knight, who nominated him for his outstanding commitment to first aid.

"For the last five years SMI Edwards has been the county’s First Aid Training Officer; which has also included leading on the training of First Aid to adult volunteers both within and beyond Cambridgeshire ACF.

Through initially his involvement and latterly under his direction, the Cambridgeshire ACF First Aid Team has won the regional title for fifteen consecutive years; national inter-service trophies on two occasions and the prestigious ‘Grand Prior’s’ trophy in 2005 and 2007, beating both St John Ambulance and Red Cross teams. SMI Edwards has been instrumental in identifying, encouraging and training cadets for all these competitions, which has also generated considerable interest in First Aid across Cambridgeshire ACF.

However his contribution goes far beyond training scenarios and very successful competitions. In recent years, a number of the cadets and adults that SMI Edwards has trained have found themselves in an emergency situation and having to apply their first aid skills in response to live incidents. They have conducted themselves so professionally that on a number of occasions they have received awards, from both St John Ambulance and The Royal Humane Society, not only for effectively administering first aid in an actual situation, but also in some circumstances for displaying bravery. For these individuals to have been so effective in real situations is a direct consequence of the high quality training provided by SMI Edwards.

Until recently, SMI Edwards was also RSMI Cambridgeshire ACF where, even with his other additional responsibilities, he continued to lead, be fully involved in and promote First Aid across the county.

In Autumn, SMI Edwards retired from the ACF. In recognition of many years of his invaluable contribution towards First Aid within the ACF, ultimately developing a critical life skill for many cadets and adults, SMI Edwards is very highly recommended for a BAE Systems Recognising Excellence Award in First Aid for a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer.